Case Study: Vodacom Site: 2020 Vision, total digital takeover.

Case Study: Vodacom Site

2020 Vision, total digital takeover.

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Contractors on site

A nightmare no longer.

The story.

A full Safety management system that turns the world around to total digitalization, it is not just a normal APP – a whole system on hand in the cloud.

The proof of concept started with a supplier which continually failed their health and safety high risk plan submission. The biggest challenges experienced by the supplier were to keep the submitted paper HSE files updated and project specific. The continuous change in scope of work and employee management proved almost impossible for this supplier to upkeep and to maintain a complaint health and safety system. Due to exclusion from any new work the supplier received no new Vodacom work and current work was stopped till further notice. The supplier acquired the services from a qualified HSE resource and invested in a fully digitalized cloud based health and safety system with good management to produce the quickest possible turnaround time. It has improved the monitoring, application, implementation, control of contractors, employees and all new submissions were submitted through the cloud base system to Vodacom.

This type of forward thinking has yielded noticeable HSE compliance improvement by implementing a fully digitalized HSE management system. Safety 360 has changed the suppliers way of doing things with a live digital system that encompasses from National legislation, Ohsas 18001 (ISO 45000) and can be adapted to any Local legislative requirements.

In an ever-changing landscape where speed is currency and the project must go on, Safety 360 has been developed to be simplified to include the person on the ground, to be user friendly and to produce live results for the client to monitor whenever it is needed to create trust between the client and supplier.

Who did this involve?

Safety 360, a fully digitalized cloud based safety management system. It is owned by Schorne Darlow as advisor and senior consultant and the architect Mark van den Bergh. Safety 360 was listed as one of the top 10 best software tools to manage Safety in the world.

  • XIG Vodacom FTTX supplier is the proof of concept with the Vodacom Zimbali project in KZN South Africa where the blacklisted contractor is now rated as one of the top suppliers to Vodacom.
  • Riaan Myburgh, Safety Manager (Xig)
  • Trinity Madzhiga, Construction Safety Officer

Client at his office, live following of safety and goal of each project. Safety 360 generates a Safety File for each client’s unique format but can also print reports for the client in seconds.

  • Vodacom, Barry Niemand

What happened?

The digitalization of the old traditional paper health and safety file/system on site has evolved to a total smart system which is a cloud based application with noticeable efficiency and compliance improvement. Health and safety management is literally in the palm of the hand of any person connected to the project. Health and safety performance, monitoring and effective implementation is possible by a click of a button on your smartphone or laptop.

Safety 360 is a complete HSE management system that covers all aspects of effective health and safety management from Risk Assessments to Incident management, from PPE issuing to daily checklists and everything in between. From start to finish, any project can be effectively managed and monitored to provide crucial measurable data for continuous improvement. Due to the fact that its cloud based, all HSE records are easily and readily available anywhere in the world. This allows for accurate records to be kept without the hassle of storing redundant and incomplete paperwork. From vetting to handing over of as-builts and closing out of projects, Safety 360 has all bases covered.

Using the Safety 360 system to implement HSE management in the workplace as well as on site saves me time and saves the companies I'm employed with money. The Cloud-based system provides ease of access, which means that I can access any of my projects' HSE files without having to travel to site.

The system has a notification feature which keeps everyone involved with the project HSE file up to date.

The Cloud-based system provides real-time action which means that appointments / record keeping / reporting incidents / checklists / issuing of PPE etc. can be done immediately and legally correct, on site or at the office. 

The system allows for better control of a project and is not limited to HSE alone. Management and delegation of tasks using the Safety 360 system is so simple, any layman will be able to use it.

Riaan Myburgh: (Safety Manager)
Implementing a new system can be a very troubling and confusing event for all members involved, but with Safety 360 it’s different. The whole system has been designed from the ground up with ease of access in mind. Safety Files are uploaded for vetting and approval, then the fun starts as the file is continually updated automatically as the project progresses so that at the end, the file will be an accurate representation of the HSE awareness and implementation within organization. Safety 360 takes this a step further by allowing for the effective management of all HSE resources, especially when it comes to employees. All employee records including competence, training and required medical information is available at your fingertips. The task managers allows for all required tasks to be scheduled in advance to increase the awareness of all responsible employees and to ensure liability is managed throughout the company. Any project is a partnership between the client and contractor and Safety 360 bridges the gap through the project monitoring tool which allows the client anytime access to monitor the overall progress of the project from HSE performance to operational progress. The whole process has been streamlined to ensure all key players have the required information when they need it.

Ishe Mahike: (Safety Officer)
The system is very easy to use and understand, it’s also allot easier to carry your phone than a heavy paper file that can get lost. If someone on site wants to see any document I can show then very quickly because the system stores all records, also I don’t miss tasks because the system schedules them and reminds me to do them.

Thoughts from Barry Niemand

I invited Helen David to Parklands Estate, East of Johannesburg on the 12 of July 2017 to showcase Xig fiber project whereby Ishe and Trinity explained why they prefer a digital system to a paper system.

It didn’t take long for Ishe to quickly show Helen how to find information and how simple and user friendly the system is, but also to impress her of his knowledge on how quick and fast, I mean super-fast he can perform his checklist.

Helen could see the improvement from paper to digitalization at this construction site. The key is the simplicity that any person on site can operate the application.

Remember, Helen had never seen the Safety 360 system nor worked on it but it has shown Helen that even people on the ground are able to produce results with the digitalized system with the satisfaction of the client.

If you asked me 2 years ago if I would take Helen to Xig site to showcase - I would have told you that it was beyond crazy – but Safety 360 and the management by Riaan has changed it for sure.

Lessons Learned.

Blocked contractor with no Vodacom work moving to a fully digitalized cloud based system with good management to produce in the quickest turnaround time.

It has improved the monitoring, application, implementation, control of contractors and compliance to satisfy the client in the highest possible way.

All together we’ve seen that trust between Client and Supplier has improved due to their Safety 360 system.

It is moving the “Homeless person” to the best “Success” story.

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