Testimonials: What our Clients have to say!


What our Clients have to say!

Altron Nexus
Altron Nexus: Jun 2019

Great product, thanks for the awesome support.

Richard Irish

JustJobbing: May 2019

Giving Safety 360 a 10/10 rating.

David Chitabura

DFA: May 2019

Safety 360 is one of the best Integrated Management Systems on the market. A user friendly system that is time saving, customisable and improves communication, both internal and external. A holistic approach to manage business risk.

Zayne Retief

Vodacom: Jul 2017

A full Safety management system that turns the world around to total digitalization, it is not just a normal APP; a whole system on hand in the cloud.

This type of forward thinking has yielded noticeable HSE compliance improvement by implementing a fully digitalized HSE management system. Safety 360 has changed the suppliers way of doing things with a live digital system that encompasses from National legislation, Ohsas 18001 (ISO 45000) and can be adapted to any Local legislative requirements.

In an ever-changing landscape where speed is currency and the project must go on, Safety 360 has been developed to be simplified to include the person on the ground, to be user friendly and to produce live results for the client to monitor whenever it is needed to create trust between the client and supplier.

Check out the Case-Study, Click here ->

Barry Niemand

Lothlorien Waste
Lothlorien Waste: May 2017

The system is extremely cost effective and the health and safety loop is being closed. The system also ensures input and involvement from all employees and is no longer a one man job.

Milnir Trading
Milnir Trading: Mar 2017

As consultants we use the system to manage our clients health and safety requirements.

Xuma: Jan 2017

The system has streamlined the entire HSE of the company and not only improved effectiveness
but we now have input from all parties involved. Both our clients and employees are extremely happy.

Kynoch: Mar 2016

We were managing safety ineffectively which resulted in a bad reputation affecting the bottom line of the organisation. We implemented the system and the result was incredible in so far as all audits were passed.